Do you have allergies?
Our chocolates may contain dairy, soy, tree nuts and/or peanuts, luster dust (crustacean shellfish). Produced in a facility that processes with dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts.

Are there any Eggs in your chocolates?
Crème Brulee

Are your Chocolates Gluten Free?
Yes, all our chocolates are gluten-free EXCEPT: Blueberry Pie, Key Lime Pie and Cheesecake
Depending on the sensitivity of gluten allergy, our liquor-infused chocolates may have some gluten because of the type of liquor used.

Do your chocolates contain alcohol in them?
The alcohol content in chocolates listed below are required to have 1% or less alcohol content:
Strawberry, Lemon, Mocha, Pineapple Moscato, Spicy Margarita, Irish Cream, Tahitian Vanilla, Raspberry Cordial, Egg Nog, Pumpkin Spice, Red Wine Sangria, Mimosa, Champagne, Rose Champagne, Banana's Foster, Blackberry Mojito.

How long will my Cocoa Dolce chocolates stay fresh?
We specialize in hand-made confections. Our chocolates are made with no preservatives and use the highest ingredients from around the world. Our confections have a 4-week shelf life. Some of our other products have longer shelf life and are noted accordingly on their packaging.

Can you ship chocolate in the warmer months? Don’t they melt?
We pay careful attention to the weather when shipping our chocolates. Above a certain degree (both here and it’s destination), we use a special thermal packaging to hold our chocolate’s temperature. Along with the ice packs, we are able to ship our chocolates “ground” and they will still arrive in great condition.

How long until I receive my chocolates?
We strive to give our customer’s the freshest chocolates. We try to get them to you as quickly as we can. Depending on the timing of your order and where the final destination is, we will ship so your chocolates to arrive in the best interest of the chocolate. (see our Shipping Policy tab for more shipping questions). Once it leaves our hands, USPS takes anywhere from 1-3 days on transit time. 

Do you have more questions? Comments?
Feel free to contact any of our Customer Service Specialists at any of our store locations.  Or you can email info@cocoadolce.com.