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A gift from Cocoa Dolce is much more than just a beautiful, delectable, branded chocolate treat;
it's an experience that brings joy to the recipient, and it's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Allow our concierge to make it easy, and make your gifting vision a reality. Contact us today!

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You can customize your gifts with branded chocolate, corporate chocolate bars, and custom packaging
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We can put your logo on a chocolate, send a personalized message, or build a gift set. These are just some of the options to make this gift uniquely you!

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We make it simple to send all your Corporate gifts at once. Choose from our best-selling assortments, handcrafted products, and gift sets. Our corporate Concierge will help guide you to the best gift based on your needs. Delicious and easy, Cocoa Dolce delivers luxury and joy for your gifting needs.


Showcase your brand by creating a personalized gift for your clients. We offer custom branded chocolates, personalized cards, and custom labels to make your gift stand out and be uniquely you! Create personalized gifts that leave a lasting impression. Our Corporate Concierge will assist in making your vision a reality.

We can customize your gift sets with branded chocolate, molded chocolate bars, custom packaging, and more!

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