Ultimate Coffee & Chocolate Gift Set


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Rejoice, Coffee Lovers! This Ultimate Coffee and Chocolate Gift Set is perfect for the extra boost you need. Enjoy a fresh batch of coffee in our copper designed coffee mug while indulging in 16 exquisite chocolate confections. Snack on the Espresso Mix, two half size Caramel Latte Chocolate Bars, or Coffee Bites mid-day to give you a pep in your step.

This Gift Set Contains: 16-Piece Cocoa Lovers, 12oz House Coffee, Espresso Mix, Coffee Bites, two half size Gold Chocolate Caramel Latte Bar, and a Ceramic Coffee Mug.

*photo is for representation only and may not completely reflect the contents noted above

Allergens: These items may contain and/or were produced in a facility that processes with milk, soy, eggs, wheat, tree nuts, and/or peanuts.